Jean-Pierre Jarier Collection

Jean-Pierre Jarier and Classic Legend Motors have joined forces to create a unique and limited collection, which is inspired by the legendary career of "Godasse de Plomb".

Every detail is carefully considered, so that you can wear leather pieces imbued with the personality of Jean-Pierre Jarier himself.

Matra Blue Jacket

Black Shadow Jacket

Blue Matra Bag

Black Shadow Bag

Jean-Pierre Jarier,"Godasse de plomb"

In 1973, he won eight victories and became European F2 champion. In F1, he attracted the attention of Enzo Ferrari, who wanted to hire him for 1974. But the boss of March refuses to release him. Fortunately, Jarier also runs in endurance and won great victories at Matra Simca, Alfa Romeo and Renault. In F1, he runs first to Shadow, but his best memory remains his time with Lotus in 1978. Jarier also drove for Tyrrell, Ligier and Osella before to leave F1 in 1983. He does not recognize himself in modern F1. " Today, it's rare to see an F1 break. There are almost no more mechanical breakdowns. Before, you had to hold the steering wheel with one hand and change gears with the other. We finished the races, bloody hands. If the car hit a rail, it caught fire. It was a funny sport. The discipline has evolved enormously. "Jean-Pierre Jarier argued 134 Formula 1 Grands Prix between 1971 and 1983. He scored a total of 31.5 points in F1, won 3 podiums, 3 pole positions and set 3 fastest laps in the race.
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Leather jackets and bags Jean-Pierre Jarier

A unique, and above all limited set bearing the image of “Godasse de Plomb”. Find the Blue Matra and the Black Shadow, as well as other symbols, designed with the help of Jean-Pierre Jarier himself. Let yourself be surprised by this leather collection of unrivaled quality.
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