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Classic Legend Motors at Retro Mobile Show 2023

06 Feb 2023 0 Comments
Classic Legend Motors au Salon Retro Mobile 2023

It is one of the biggest car events in France which returned to Porte de Versailles in February for its 47th edition. Bringing together both old and very modern cars, we could find renowned stands like 24H Le Mans , which is celebrating its centenary this year, or even Peugeot . It was also a collection of independent brands, artists and also artisans who were present on site. It's an event that we've all been waiting for, including Classic Legend Motors who came to this 47th edition to display their winged horse!

Main hall of the show

Preview collections: Jacky Ickx & Michel Vaillant x 24H Le Mans!

Beyond the presence of our usual collections, 24H Le Mans & Steve McQueen , it was the perfect time to present our two new capsule collections, one which is already released and the other which is arriving very soon: Michel Vaillant x 24H Le Mans & Jacky Ickx .

Michel Vaillant was the opportunity for us to show you a preview of a jacket and a bag from the collection.

We announced to you on social networks that a collection would be exhibited in preview but Jacky Ickx was your surprise! The collection will very soon be available for pre-order but we had exhibited and put the jacket for sale as well as the different bags from the collection for all the customers who came to visit us on the stand.

New format: CLM Story by Michel Vaillant’s director, Jean-Louis Dauger

For the release of the new Michel Vaillant x 24H Le Mans capsule collection and to offer you interesting content on your networks, we took advantage of the presence of the Michel Vaillant stand at the show to interview, in a brand new format, the director of the brand Michel Vaillant: Jean-Louis Dauger .

We let you discover the video below!

The COLLECTIONS classic legend motors

the Timeless Collection

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