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Shooting of Jacky Ickx

26 Jan 2023 0 Comments
Shooting de Jacky Ickx

We recently launched a leather collection featuring Jacky Ickx, the famous Belgian racing car driver, aka “Monsieur Le Mans”. The shooting for this collection was a unique moment, filled with excitement and elegance.

Jacky was enthusiastic to help design the collection, bringing his own style and personal touch to each piece.

The shooting was organized in a hangar, which was transformed into a photo studio for the occasion. The staging was impressive, with a private jet and a Porsche 911. Jacky Ickx was photographed in a series of poses, showing the versatility and quality of the collection's products.

The atmosphere was very relaxed, with a camera crew working in harmony to capture every moment. The end result was a series of timeless photographs, reflecting Jacky Ickx's passion for motor racing and the lifestyle that goes with it.

The leather collection inspired by Jacky Ickx is a success, thanks to the unique touch of this great driver and the leather expertise of Classic Legend Motors. The products in this collection are a tribute to the heritage of motor racing and the passion of those who practice it.

Shooting result

The COLLECTIONS classic legend motors

the Timeless Collection

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