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Classic Legend Motors at Classic Days 2023

04 May 2023 0 Comments
Classic Legend Motors aux Classic Days 2023

It is one of the biggest automotive events in France which returned to the mythical circuit of Magny-Cours , from April 29 to 30, for its 16th edition. Bringing together old cars as well as very modern cars, you could find renowned drivers like Jacques Lafitte or our great friend, Jacky Ickx.

It was also an opportunity for you to find several stands and clubs to help you discover their culture or their products. It is therefore quite natural that Classic Legend Motors came to participate in Classic Days 2023 !

A stand and legendary guests: Jean Pierre Jarier and Jacky Ickx!

It is with great joy that we were able to welcome two great friends of Classic Legend Motors on these Classic Days 2023 : Jean Pierre Jarier and Jacky Ickx .

Which is rather funny because as we remember, months earlier, it was Jean Pierre Jarier who had just introduced Jacky Ickx to us. And it was during the Classic Days that we were able to come together to meet you and present our different collections.

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