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The Tornaco Jacket from the 24h Le Mans Brille Collection on AutoMoto

21 Feb 2024 0 Comments
Le Blouson Tornaco de la Collection 24h Le Mans Brille sur AutoMoto

In the episode of the flagship show AutoMoto , broadcast on TF1 on February 18, 2024, the beloved presenter Jean-Pierre Gagick was seen wearing a fashion item like no other: the "Tornaco Vert" jacket from our collection exclusive “24h Le Mans” .

A one-of-a-kind Sheepskin Leather Jacket

The “Tornaco Vert” jacket is not an ordinary piece of clothing. Made from high quality sheepskin, this limited edition jacket has been specially designed to celebrate the centenary of the legendary 24h of Le Mans endurance race. Its design, both elegant and functional, pays homage to the spirit of motorsport.

A Noted Appearance on the Small Screen

The appearance of Jean-Pierre Gagick wearing the "Tornaco Vert" jacket in AutoMoto not only highlighted his passion for beautiful things, but also gave our jacket exceptional visibility by underlining the presenter's attraction to our brand. This media exposure highlights the perfect union between fashion and passion for automobiles.

Why Choose the “Tornaco Green” Jacket?

With its regular cut, precise finishes and supple sheep leather, the “Tornaco Vert” is not only a symbol of style; it’s also a piece of automotive history to wear. Available in a limited edition, this jacket represents a unique opportunity for fashion and motorsport enthusiasts to own a piece of Le Mans heritage.

To find out more about our “24h Le Mans” collection and discover the “Tornaco Vert” jacket, you can click here . Don't miss the opportunity to celebrate with us the centenary of one of the most iconic races in the world.

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